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Use the colored buttons to the left of each screen or use the handy drop down menu at the top left of each screen.   All of the styles are divided into 6 sections according to their design.  Once a style is chosen, you can review pictures, installation manuals, prices and spec drawings.
  • What installation method do I want to use?   All of our fence styles come in two varieties.  Those which are intended to be set in the ground using concrete and those which are going to be fastened to a concrete pad or deck.  Standard installation uses posts which are slightly longer for cementing in the ground, but all styles have a shorter post option which is used when you need to attach the fence posts to a concrete pad, deck or retaining wall.
  • How many sections are needed?  A section is defined as the material that completes the fence between posts.  So typically a "section" of fence would be 2 rails and the pickets.  A section price does not include posts or post caps.  So to figure your material list you would divide your total footage - including gates if using kits - by the width of the section.  If you do not need a full section of fence, you can order the exact number of each item needed from the price form which contains optional/extra material.  For estimate purposes, round up to the nearest full fence section.
  • How many posts of each type are needed?   (You will need a layout to determine these posts.)
Click here for more infotmation about the difference between posts.
Select the price for each type of post needed.
  • What style of post cap is needed?
Click here for more infotmation about the differenct types of post caps that are available.
Select the price for the type of post cap chosen.
  • How many gates are needed?  What type of gate is needed? Preassembled or gate kit?
Click here to read more about the difference between a gate kit and a preassembled gate.
Find the gate choices on the price form, selct the price for the gate chosen.
  • What is my total price?
Enter in all the quantities on the price form and hit "Calculate" and a instant price quote will be generated.

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