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What is the difference between posts?

There are basically 4 different types of posts.
Since these vinyl fence posts come pre-routed (cut out to accept the fence sections) the positions of the holes are very important to the final layout of the fence.

End Posts - These are routed on only one side.  The other 3 sides are blank.  Use this post when you will be finishing a line of fence or putting a gate in the middle of a section.

Line Posts - These posts are routed on opposite sides.  Use this post between sections in a straight or slightly curving fence line.

Corner Posts - These posts are routed on adjacent sides and should be used when you want make 90 angle with your fence.

3 Way Posts - These are routed on 3 sides.   Use this when forming a "T" with your fence line.

Blank Posts -  These posts are not routed.  Use them when your putting a gate right next to your home or garage.   You can use the blank post as a latching post, when you don't want to latch directly to the side of a building.

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