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Post and Rail Fence

Click to enlarge.Colors - click image to enlarge.
All styles are available in white. The Crossbuck style is available in white only. The 2, 3, and 4 rail styles are available in white and almond for the ribbed version rails only. The hollow rails are only available in white. Of course the posts and gates would match. Almond color costs 10% more than white.

The colors are difficult to show here, since all monitors may display them differently. White is bright white. Almond is a very light shade.

Click image to enlarge.Gate Posts - click image to left to enlarge.
Installation instructions, which are provided with each purchase of vinyl fencing, illustrate the rebar and concrete detail for each end, corner and gate post.

The intermediate posts (line posts) do not need to be filled with rebar and concrete, but the others must be to validate the lifetime non-prorated warranty. Installation instructions must be followed carefully to assure a lasting product.

Most failures of vinyl fencing are due to faulty installation. By following the detailed instructions, even the novice can be proud of a well constructed finished fence that will last for years and years.

In addition, our customers can call a toll free number for tips and assistance as they are installing their fence. If you bought your fence elsewhere, please call them. Our toll free customer assistance number is 1-800-355-2335.

Click to enlarge.Ribbed Rails
The 2, 3 and 4 rail vinyl post and rail fence can be purchased with a hollow rail or ribbed rail for additional strength. We recommend the ribbed rail for horses and other stock. Areas of potential abuse should also be protected with the ribbed rails. Click image to right to enlarge.

The ribbed rail is only available in the 2" thick rails.

The Crossbuck Style includes ribbed rails automatically as a standard feature.

Click image to enlarge.Rail Lengths
Rails are available in 8' and 16' lengths. The strength of the fence is increased significantly by alternating rails so not all rails will end up with ends at the same post. Of course end, corner and gate posts are an exception.

Order 8' rails for starting out at ends and gates, or order 16' rails with the intention of cutting them in half as needed. The material cuts easily with a hacksaw. If you do cut rails, holes will have to be drilled for the lock rings.  Click image to right to enlarge.

When using the 16' long rails and alternating them, be aware that any sharp incline or decline grade changes may make installing 16' rails impossible, since the posts must line up on top in a straight line. In this case the 'grade' change must be done using 8' sections at the post that changes angles. Slight changes are possible, but not extreme grade changes. It may be hard to anticipate ahead of time when this would be necessary. You always have the option of cutting a 16' rail in half, drilling holes for the lock rings and making a grade change. Don't forget, you may need extra lock rings in order to do this. We can ship them quickly, if you find you are short.

Click for more detail.Specifications For Vinyl Post And Rail Fence - Dimensions
The choices of rail sizes are illustrated here with dimensions. Click the image to enlarge. The depth of the posts are shown, however, the actual depth of the concreted hole should exceed the depth of the post so concrete is under the post also. A depth of 36-42" is recommended depending on frost line depths in your area. All posts need to be set in concrete to validate the warranty. Installation must be in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions or the warranty may be void. We provide complete installation instructions with every purchase. Please ask for one, if you fail to receive it.

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