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What is the difference between a gate kit and a preassembled gate?
Gate Kit

Gate Kits include:
2 vinyl gate up-rights with aluminum "U" channel inserts, aluminum channel rail inserts, gate upright caps, and hardware bag. Rails/Pickets, Hinges, and Latch ordered separately.

We recommend the use of a PRE-ASSEMBLED gate whenever possible.  Use the gate kit when a gate size other than the standard 50" width is needed.  Constructing a custom gate can be accomplished by purchasing one section fence and one gate kit.  Gate kits can build gates up to 50" wide. For some privacy styles, a gate extension kit can be ordered to build a gate up to 72" wide. This kit includes longer aluminum rail inserts. You will still need to purchase a gate kit. The styles that can use the extension kit will have them offered in the price list used to place your order.

If you plan to put a gate operator on a vinyl gate, we recommend the use of a steel or aluminum frame.  We can construct a custom gate for you using a hybrid combination of powder-coated welded aluminum frame and vinyl rails and pickets.  A gate of this quality can withstand the extra strain of a gate operator.   Prices can vary, but with the purchase of a vinyl fence, you can figure an additional $300 per leaf plus the standard gate price for an estimate.  Please contact us if you have a specific application and would like a custom gate quote.

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